Leintec International Pte Ltd is the premium distributor of CPI Fluid Engineering, a world leader in the synthetic lubricant industry.

CPI offers a complete and wide-ranging synthetic lubricant product line for use in refrigeration systems, compressors, pumps, rotary shaft seals, gear boxes, bearings, hydraulic systems and instrumentation.  Being one of the largest specialty synthetic lubricant product lines in the industry, it is no wonder that CPI lubricants are able to meet the performance demands of many unique applications.

CPI performance lubricants are reliable and offers far-reaching advantages that mineral oils are unable to provide.  One of the key advantages of using CPI lubricants is that it is cost-saving. Designed to perform in harsh chemical environments and under wide operating temperature extremes, CPI lubricants extend the life span and increase the efficiency of equipment, thereby reducing the overall maintenance costs that one might otherwise incur.
Lubricants for Rotary Screw Air Compressors
The lubricants for rotary screw air compressors are customised and specially designed to ensure predictable routine maintenance, eliminating the need for costly rentals.  Each synthetic and partial-synthetic lubricant is formulated to meet the highly specific demands of your rotary screw air compressor environment, such improved water separation, superior corrosion protection, precisely controlled viscosity, high-temperature/high-pressure performance, low volatility and compatibility with downstream systems, amongst others.

Refrigeration Oil (SOLEST, Polyester Lubricants )
The SOLEST line of lubricants were the first line of polyolester lubricants developed in the United States to serve compressors operating with environmentally safe HFC refrigerants. The SOLEST lubricants feature excellent chemical and thermal stability, good refrigerant miscibility, and a superior structure to improve wear resistance and operating life.

In addition to the SOLEST lubricants, CPI offers lubricants for any refrigeration application, including domestic air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive and "natural" refrigerants.

Lubricants for Process and Hydrocarbon Gas Compressors
(Polyalkylene Glycols ('PAG'), Polyalphaolefin ('PAO'))
CPI lubricants for process and hydrocarbon gas compressors are developed specially to overcome the deficiencies of conventional mineral oil based lubricants.  The latter often fail when encountered with temperature extremes, extreme dilution or chemically hostile gases.  CPI lubricants, on the other hand, offer distinct advantages which include excellent chemical inertness, high viscosity index, low pour point, good hydrolytic stability and complete demulsibility.  In addition, they are of good natural lubricity, excellent thermal stability, and offers resistance to hydrocarbon dilution, low volatility and both elastomer and metal compatibility.

Lubricants for Industrial Gears, Chains, Hydraulic Systems and Diaphragm Pumps
The lubricants for industrial applications are formulated to meet the highly specific performance demands of various industrial applications. In particular, each synthetic and partial-synthetic lubricant is developed with low volatility, excellent oxidation stability, extended drain intervals, superior corrosion protection, high-temperature/high-pressure performance and thermal stability amongst others.